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SplittaExpens, split bills app

SplittaExpens, split bills app

SplittaExpens is a splitt bills app. The app tries to solve the problem of sharing expenses between a group of people.


SplittaExpens is a web app which can be used to manage shared expenses in a group in occasions like gathering parties, on a trip,...

You can see the app here https://splittaxpens.app/getting-started


The background for this app was a need of calculating expenses for every occasion I gather with my friends. We gather so often so the need for this task was becoming more and more.


Our problem was also somehow different that we are a group of families and the size of each family is also different. Every occasion some members in group will buy some things and in the end the costs will be divided by the adults that join the occasion. So to start the following problems need to be solved:

  • The payments will be grouped by families and divided per adult
  • Every occasion there might be a difference of who join.
  • Some expenses are shared with several people in that group only.


  • Every occasion will be represented as a session in the app
  • Every session contains a list of expenses and who to share
  • Every expense will have a list of share people which is from session and who paid the bill.
  • User in the app have a contact list to easily choose when creating sessions.

Tech stacks

  • Firebase
  • Create React Component
  • TailwindCSS


  • At this moment I want to introduce the app to more users and get feedbacks from them.
  • Next step is to implement some added values feature like avatar.
  • A native mobile app is in consideration as well.
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