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My new hack a shopping list app

My new hack a shopping list app

I happy to share about my new mobile app, inköp list, which is a shopping list app written in flutter.


Inköp list

there are bunch of apps that help creating shopping lists. The core feature of these apps are quite simple which simply creating lists and modern apps people can share lists with other friends. There are a few apps that are popular which have better support regarding multi languages. However for suggestions they just suggest general items. I decided to focus on suggestions which are localized for the country I am living in which is Sweden.

Release the first version to app store

After a few weeks working with this app using flutter I managed to release the first version of the shopping list app to app store. My app has the following feature:

store lists in cloud so with the same account users can access the same lists every where. share lists with friends and all users will work on the same list at the same time. suggestions for lists are from swedish super markets. save lists as templates function which is helpful for repeated buying items or for recipe

Fluttershoppinglist app

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