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my development setup

my development setup

here I share my favorite setup for front-end development. I am the person that love simplicity and effectiveness so I tend to use tools which are lightweight and do the jobs.

My favorite development setup

I am fullstack js developer and right now I am working more with front-end development or in specific react development so my development setup is optimal for js development. Now lets start!!!


I have been using VisualStudio Code for long time and so far this is the best microsoft product according to my experience. This IDE is lighweight and provides multiple useful integrations like eslint.


  • Prettier - Code formatter, for formatting code. it is working perfectly together with eslint rules.
  • Simple React Snippets, for quick creating react components
  • Dart, Flutter - I am working with flutter as well so these plugins are extreme helpful for flutter development


  • Warp, I got tips from a team mate and this is my new favorite terminal. The ui is great and easy to use.

Git client

  • Git fork, I am not the person that can work with commands so I usually use a git fork to handle git


  • It is needless to say how popular and helpful docker is.

Taking notes

  • Mindmap, for learning notes
  • Notions, for taking general notes

And yeah, above is my basic setup for my daily development.

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