Duc Mai

Full stack developer

Projects that I have worked with

I have been working mostly with cms developments for media publishing in my career so far. My projects can be divided into two groups episerver related and fullstack javascript related. React, NextJs, Svelte are the latest stack I am working with.


Fullstack developer

2021 - now
The project to develop a cms for use in the entire newspapers under Bonnier. This project is a part of a big program which reunify the way we publish content in our company.
In this project we have to deal with multiple challenges from how adapt a solution that works for hundred of editors from all the newspapers in the organisation. Our cms is expected to be effective, performant and easy to use for all users.
React ReactNodejs Nodejs ReduxDocker DockerCircle CI Circle CIWebpack Webpack TDDMaterial UI Material UI Socket IOJest Jest

Klara CMS

Fullstack developer

2018 - 2021
The project to develop a cms for the editors to compose multiple types of content which is published to dn.se, di.se, expressen.se every day.
The challenges of this project are complex business, many dependencies to many satellite systems and extreme requirements about high availability.
React ReactNodejs NodejsMongoDB MongoDB ReduxDocker Docker Stylus TDDJest JestWebpack WebpackElectron Electron Socket IOCypress Cypress

Bonnier Safe Share

Fullstack developer

This project was to create a highly secured application for sharing files.
React ReactNodejs NodejsMongoDB MongoDB ReduxDocker Docker Stylus Kue Passport JwtWebpack Webpack

Bonnier CMS

Project manager

The project was to develop and maintain Episerver CMSes for two newspapers DN and Di
Episerver Angular Jira Octopus .Net TeamCity Solr PlanningScrum Scrum SQL

Di Börssnack

Project manager

This project was to rewrite complete the stock forum which was based on very old .net platform and old tradition javascript to use react. The ambition was to remake this forum to be modern and work on mobiles.
React ReactNodejs Nodejs Redux .Net Solr PlanningScrum Scrum

Dagens Industri Episerver

Project manager

2016 - 2017
The project was to develop financial newspaper site di.se using Episerver CMS. Di.se is one the largest sites in financial news in Sweden.
Episerver Jira .Net Octopus TeamCity Solr Webpagetest Load test SQL jQuery

Dagens Nyheter Episerver

Developer/Team lead/Project manager

the project was to develop newspaper site dn.se using Episerver CMS. DN.se is one the largest news sites in Sweden.
Episerver Angular Jira Octopus Teamcity Solr Webpagetest Load testScrum Scrum SQL .Net jQuery



2011 - 2012
Episerver development as customers' requests
Episerver .Net jQuery

About me

How I describe about myself

A developer cares about climate changes and environments

A full stack js developer

A developer is interested in cloud technologies

A challenge lover


English, Swedish, Vietnamese

Duc Mai
Duke Mai
Duc Mai