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I start my journey with Sanity

I start my journey with Sanity

CMSes are popular in IT and are widely used under many websites. I have been involved with both CMS development and development based on CMSes. In this post I will share shortly about my new journey with Sanity CMS

#What recently I started working in a project that use sanity cms as our content management and it turns out that this cms is quite cool to work with. Now I share what I love so far

  • everything is json document. So you can handle things easily with javascript.
  • you have controls over your client code. Sanity provides apis and ready ui components and scaffolding project. Then you have very much control over how your client side code works. I am happy to have my own logo for example. I can add custom ui for the parts I want only.
  • query is very powerful. One of the thing I love in sanity is their query is very powerful, it has similarities as graphql but easier I think and you can query a lot of data in a request which is super nice.
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