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I reworked my personal website

I reworked my personal website

I got tired with my simple old website and I wanted to add more content to it so I decided to rework on it.

My personal website

I started my personal website few years ago as a place to show my works. However I soon realised that most of my works are for my companies which I can not show any images of these projects. But somehow this website is a appearance of me on internet.

Motivation for the change

I have updated my personal website several times. I tried from Gatsby, NextJs with foundation css and now with Svelte and tailwindcss.

The last version I used Svelte and tailwind with a custom made design that I got inspiration from dribble. But after 3-4 months living with this I soon got tired of this because it is too simple and I did not have an easy way to add more content. So I started to rework on this website.

How I reworked

My stack is

And yeah now the result is what you can see. My website works on both mobile and desktop. I took me 2 days (apprx 8hours) to work on this website I think

What I loved about the setup

  • Vercel is easy to use hosting provider
  • Svelte is fun to work with
  • Tailwind is easy way to style, especially consistent padding and margin
  • animation is somehow easy to work with Tailwind
  • graphcms is enough for me at this moment. I will monitor the usage of the cms.

About me

How I describe about myself

A developer cares about climate changes and environments

A full stack js developer

A developer is interested in cloud technologies

A challenge lover


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